Alentour is a cutting-edge company that idealizes and develops bicycle tours in Alentejo. Our goal is to present in Alentejo beyond the usual touristic itineraries, and our tours are clearly placed on a upscale level. Our innovation is the use of extremely comfortable electric mountain bikes (ebikes). Not only will you be in permanent contact with nature you’ll be unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised throughout the trip. Alentour will certainly give you the ride of your life!
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Bird watching in Alentejo. We have a wide offer of places where we have several observatories, where we can do bird watching in the Alentejo, countryside Alentejo, and along the Alentejo coast. On the Alentejo coast, north of the town of Sines, the Santo André lagoon is one of the largest coastal lagoons in the country. The habitat that surrounds the lagoon is mostly made up of reeds, dunes and pine forests. In the winter period, the pond is filled with ants, the mallard, the mallard, the duck-trumpeter, the beak, the zarro, and the scaup, some of the most abundant species. One of the local specialties is the red-billed duck, sometimes present in large numbers. Other interesting wintering species are the cagarraz, the flamingo, the black ibis, the spoonbill, the barn owl, and the scarce little petri-de-richard. In the nesting season, there is a great diversity of birds in the lagoon zone, such as the garçote, the red-eared spittoon and the reed nightingale. Some of the resident species are the curlew, the buffalo, the charneco and the black starling. The lagoon also deserves a visit during the periods of pre-nup and post-nuptial migration, when a great diversity of migratory species, such as waders, garajaus and passerines, can be detected here.
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Offroad tour

Passeios de Jipe Uma maneira confortável e segura de conhecer o “Nosso Alentejo" no seu íntimo. Com o nosso guia experiente e conhecedor de todos os cantos e recantos, irá conhecer barragens e ribeiras, montes e vales, caminhos sinuosos, cascatas, tradições e costumes, artes e as nossas gentes.
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Caminhadas de mochila às costas e um lanche para o caminho, parta à descoberta! São estas as nossas palavras de ordem. Caminhos centenários, cruzando serras e planícies em contacto directo com gentes da terra onde tradições, costumes e histórias antigas se mantêm intactas com centenas de anos.
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Customized business class tours in 8-seat van. Come and experience the Alentejo comfortably in an 8-seat executive class van with guide and permanent driver. We carry out tours throughout Alentejo and Lisbon to meet the client's desire. 24 hours service.
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